First Nation, Métis & Inuit


Since its inception in 1989 The Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle has functioned as a regional social planning and development organization. BANAC region now covers Simcoe County, Muskoka, and the northern York Region. We work in cooperation with communities in areas of concern where coordinated efforts are required to the meet the needs which positively impact the region. BANAC will continue in this social planning capacity, offering consultation and support for our community development.

Aboriginal Capacity Building Circle

Vision Statement

It is envisioned the Aboriginal Capacity Building Circle will actively and effectively build capacity and relationships in agencies, organizations and systems within the region to strengthen services offered to Aboriginal children, youth and families. ACBC – Newsletter .

Measures of Success

Project Goal

The overall goal of the Aboriginal Capacity Building Circle is to bring the mainstream and Aboriginal systems together to develop strategies for system improvements.

2009 / 2010 ACBC Goals

  1. Identify and establish the conditions for cultural competency and safety within agencies and organizations.
  2. Promote on-going cooperation and resource development to meet Original Peoples needs.
  3. Develop protocols for consultation and issues as they affect Original Peoples and communities.

Measures of Success

  • Almost 300 management, and front line service staff, etc trained within all systems around the county.
  • Participant feedback and evaluation of the Visioning Day, Gathering of the Clans, and the Coalition states were are on the right track.
  • We are and continue to build successful collaboration with agencies, government bodies, and our communities.
  • Development of strategic directions that support a culture based responsive system.
  • Commitment to positive change in the system planning.

Journey Reflections – Then & Now

Before ACBC

  • There was little or no knowledge about our worldview or who our communities were (ie Dr. Gina Browne Report).
  • Original Peoples were being viewed as one group, as though all our communities had the same culture and beliefs.
  • Tools and protocols were being developed without input from our communities with a one size fits all approach.
  • Little or no funding is available, specifically for capacity building.
  • Systems were culturally unsafe and there was a lack of cultural competency within mainstream organizations.


  • There is an increased awareness and understanding that we have a different worldview and different ways of doing business.
  • There is an increased understanding of the uniqueness of our communities’ cultures and recognition of the differences between them.
  • There are dedicated seats for Original Peoples representation and encouragement of more partners at the Child, Youth and Family Coalition of Simcoe County and other planning and implementation tables.
  • We recognize unique community needs and the importance of having an inclusive community driven process.
  • The ACBC continues to work toward a service agreement between the Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle and the Ministry of Community and Youth Services.