Coalition Council

Made up of members of the Coalition who support the Coalition’s vision, mission and values, pay annual sliding scale fees, and designate an executive staff person to represent them at Council meetings five times a year. Primary decision-making body re. policy, planning and budgeting. Takes guidance from Secretariat, Infrastructure and Planning which it has empowered to research, discuss and make recommendations in the areas noted below.  Provides oversight & leadership to Coalition, ensuring alignment of Coalition with its overall Strategic Plan. Approves and monitors annual budget. Creates a forum for information-sharing, networking and education/inspiration of members.

Minutes – 2016

Council Minutes May 25 2017-Final

Council Minutes March 23 2017-Final

Council Minutes January 26 2017-Final

Council Minutes November 24 2016-Final

Council Minutes September 22 2016-final

Council Minutes May 26 2016-Final

Council Minutes January 28 2016-Final

Minutes – 2015

Presentations to Council – 2015

Collaborate Barrie – presented  May 28, 2015
RVHC+Y Child and Adolescent Steering Committee Presentation – Coalition May 2015 – presented May 28, 2015

Minutes 2014

Minutes 2013