Infrastructure Table

Supports the work of the Coalition in alignment with the Strategic Plan by providing:
-Streamlined and efficient processes to support the work of the Coalition and its members
-HR functions of recruitment, interviewing, recommendations for retaining contract staff
-Efficient budget and financial management systems
-Review of member applications from prospective members and recommendations on acceptance to Council, ensuring positive member relations
-Effective communication system including web based communication, management of the logo etc.
-Facilitation of Coalition members’ access to additional shared resources such as links for Coalition members to sources of community social data, shared space, volume purchasing etc.
-Identifying shared training opportunities for Coalition members (e.g. LEAD).
-Effective liaison with Task Groups of the Coalition related to its areas of responsibility (e.g. LEAD, Data Consortium)
-Archiving of Coalition records by the Executive Assistant.

Click here for a copy of the Infrastructure Table Terms of Reference September 2015 Final and Infrastructure Workplan 2014-2017.

Demonstrating Outcomes:

RBA Slide deck from Mark Friedman training May 28, 2014.

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