Infrastructure Table

Under the restructuring of the Coalition, the Infrastructure Table merged with the Secretariat Table to form the Executive Committee.


Supports the work of the Coalition in alignment with the Strategic Plan by providing:
-Streamlined and efficient processes to support the work of the Coalition and its members
-HR functions of recruitment, interviewing, recommendations for retaining contract staff
-Efficient budget and financial management systems
-Review of member applications from prospective members and recommendations on acceptance to Council, ensuring positive member relations
-Effective communication system including web based communication, management of the logo etc.
-Facilitation of Coalition members’ access to additional shared resources such as links for Coalition members to sources of community social data, shared space, volume purchasing etc.
-Identifying shared training opportunities for Coalition members (e.g. LEAD).
-Effective liaison with Task Groups of the Coalition related to its areas of responsibility (e.g. LEAD, Data Consortium)
-Archiving of Coalition records by the Executive Assistant.

Click here for a copy of the Infrastructure Table Terms of Reference September 2015 Final and Infrastructure Workplan 2014-2017.

Demonstrating Outcomes:

RBA Slide deck from Mark Friedman training May 28, 2014.

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