Planning Table

Under the restructuring of the Coalition, the Planning Table has become the new Integrated Planning Table.

In the context of the Coalition Strategic Plan, encourages integrated planning and coordinates Coalition networks, projects, task groups through regular updates. Planning Table feedback to these groups may include:-Identifying unmet needs of children, youth and families in Simcoe County
-Identifying opportunities for collaboration and encouraging new proposal development
-Receiving proposals from new projects and assessing their alignment with Coalition priorities
-Encouraging alignment of existing Coalition projects to better serve children, youth and families
-Encouraging alignment of Coalition members’ work to maximize their joint impact
-Ensuring initiatives are based on best practices and realistic outcomes
-Monitoring projects and ensuring transition to on-going program status where applicable
-Making recommendations for increased capacity in the system.  Click here for copies of the Planning Table Terms of Reference May 2015 and TTC Report – Planning Table.

As above, the Coalition’s Planning Table has the role of overseeing the Coalition’s Strategic Plan and encouraging the many initiatives affiliated with the Coalition to align with each other and with the goals of the Coalition. In order to do this effectively, the Table has asked the various groups (networks and initiatives 2017-18 TablesNetworks Working Groups co-chairs list) affiliated with the Coalition to report to it on a rotating basis (Simcoe Coalition Structure – Council).  There is a rotating schedule for all task groups and networks.  Each task group and network completes this form  Working Group-Network Update  and brings it with them to the Planning Table meeting.  The second page of this document is a copy of the guidelines Planning Table members will be using when listening to your report on the work of your network or initiative. Please click here for a copy of the Working Group Presentation schedule to Planning Table 2016-17 of task groups and networks.

Agenda – most recent

Planning Table Agenda May 9, 2017

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