CYFS Coalition Community Task Groups

(alphabetical order)

Coalition Task Groups are listed in alphabetical order below.  Further details each Task Group is available. Please note: some Task Group details are currently under construction.  Thank you for your patience as we work to improve this page.

Aboriginal Capacity Building Circle (ACBC):

It is envisioned the Aboriginal Capacity Building Circle will actively and effectively build capacity and relationships in agencies, organizations and systems.

Co Chairs:

Brenda Jackson [email protected]

Gertie Beaucage [email protected]

Project Goal:

The overall goal of the Aboriginal Capacity Building Circle is to bring the mainstream and Aboriginal systems together to develop strategies for system improvements.

2009 / 2010 ACBC Goals

  1. Identify and establish the conditions for cultural competency and safety within agencies and organizations.
  2. Promote on-going cooperation and resource development to meet Original Peoples needs.
  3. Develop protocols for consultation and issues as they affect Original Peoples and communities.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD):

The Simcoe County Autism Spectrum Disorder Partnership operates through the collaborative efforts of community programs and individuals affected by ASD so that common themes, gaps and challenges with respect to ASD can be improved and supported.

Co Chairs:

Stefanie Smith [email protected]

Jamie Read [email protected]

Terms of Reference:

Simcoe ASD Terms of Reference


Crisis Steering Committee:  

Co Chairs:

Stephen Hendriks [email protected]

Bob Fehir [email protected]

Terms of Reference:

Crisis Response Steering Committee TOR’s Final

Dual Diagnosis (DD):

Co Chairs:

Gisele Forrest [email protected]

Eric Sutton [email protected]

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD):

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrella term that covers the range of physical and brain characteristics associated with prenatal exposure to alcohol. This exposure affects the brain which affects behaviour.

The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Initiative of Simcoe County is a collaboration of community service agencies focused on ensuring a comprehensive and coordinated approach for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Simcoe County.

Recent research shows that FASD has an estimated prevalence rate of 4% of our population (May et. al., 2014). In the 2016 census, the population of Simcoe County was 479,650 people.  We can therefore, estimate that a possible 19,186 people live with FASD in Simcoe County.  FASD has been linked with over 400 co-morbidities (Popova et. al., 2016) including learning, mental health and multiple physical ailments.  According to the Government of Canada Public Health, FASD “is the leading cause of developmental disabilities among Canadian Children”.  Early diagnosis and intervention is recommended for supporting and creating positive outcomes for individuals living with FASD.  The costs associated with FASD in Canada in 2013 totalled approximately $1.8 Billion (Popova et. al., 2015).


FASD Project Coordinator:

Kathryn Reid         [email protected]

Advisory Co-chairs:

Vicky Merrilees       [email protected]

Lori Webel-Edgar   [email protected]

Prevention Chair:

Henrietta Carriere   [email protected]

Leads Chair:

To be determined

Terms of Reference:


Leads TOR revised May 2017

FASD Prevention ToR 2017

Poverty Reduction Task Group:

PRTG Guiding Principle: Compassionate Community

The PRTG believe that every child and youth deserve the right to live within a safe, healthy and compassionate community. To achieve this goal all community members must have their own basic needs met and be able to fully participate in the life of their community. If members of a community do not have their basic needs met, they are unable to support themselves and the potential of child, youth and all others within that community. A compassionate community is one in which all members care about one another.

Co Chairs:

Rosslyn Junke  [email protected]

Terms of Reference:

Terms of Reference PRTG_2017Final


PRTG Workplan 2018-2021


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Simcoe County Youth Justice Advisory Group (SCYJAG):

The Simcoe Youth Justice Advisory Group acts as a community county-based collaborative advisory group that engages organizations with preventative supports to meet the needs of children, youth and families who come into contact or may come in contact with the youth justice system.

Co Chairs:

Rhonda Leduc [email protected]

Terms of Reference:

Terms of Service


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Triple P:

Triple P is the flexible, practical way to develop skills, strategies and confidence to handle any parenting situation. It’s backed by decades of research. And it’s already helped more than 4 million children and their parents.

Co Chairs:

Gwen Bennett [email protected]

Bijumon Peter  [email protected]

Terms of Reference:

Triple P Simcoe Terms of Reference