Poverty Reduction Task Group

Definition of Poverty

Poverty is a complex issue that may be understood as inadequate education, health, financial, physical and social resources needed to sustain positive well-being. It may also be experienced as an absence of equity, choice and power, which negatively impacts one’s sense of belonging, citizenship and participation. As one aspect of poverty, income is recognized as the most important social determinant of health. As such, we accept the Low Income Measure (After Tax)1 threshold as the quantitative measure of poverty per individual for Simcoe County.

TOR: Terms of Reference PRTG January 2019 Final

Workplan 2018-2021:  PRTG Workplan 2018-2021 Final

Membership:  PRTG Active Membership 2019

Chair:  Rosslyn Junke  [email protected]

Secretary:  Michelle Henderson [email protected]

Initiatives addressing Poverty in Simcoe County:

  1. Simcoe County Circles includes both Bridges out of Poverty and Getting Ahead Funded by the Ontario Local Poverty Reduction Fund

For more information or if you wish to attend and/or host a workshop contact:

Christene Ross, Circles Coordinator 705 722-3132 ext 1864

[email protected]

Vicki Hannan, Circles Coach 705 722-3132 ext 1828

[email protected]

Tammy Millington, Circles Community Liaison 705 549-1890 ext 42655

[email protected]


  1. Local Reports

  1. Lived Experience Advocacy and Development Network – LEAD and community members to be involved

Using the principles of “Nothing about us Without Us”  inclusion and leadership development of our community members

Resource for organizations – Creating a Culture of Inclusion Guidelines, Vibrant Communities Canada (2017)


  1. Advocacy

2016 Living Wage Calculation for Simcoe County

A living wage is the hourly wage rate at which a household can meet its basic needs, once government transfers and deductions have been subtracted. The 2016 living wage calculation for Simcoe County is $17.74. The Poverty Reduction Task Group will identify future community planning priorities associated with the living wage, including an education and awareness campaign, engaging local employers, and encouraging participation in the Ontario Living Wage Network.

Living Wage Launch Slide deck (003)

2018 Living Wage Re-Calculation for Simcoe County_FINAL

Household Food Insecurity: No Money for Food Cent$less Campaign

 Canada Learning Bond